Your IRA Options

Quest IRA finds that 95% of Americans do not realize what their IRA investment options are and that they can invest their IRA(s) or 401(k)s into much more than stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other publicly traded investments. In fact, since 1975 the IRS has allowed retirement accounts to invest in any asset except Life Insurance Contracts and Collectibles. Those are the only two restrictions, everything else is possible. This is encouraging information to families across America because this allows Americans to invest their IRA(s) or 401(k)s into tangible assets that may potentially provide greater safety, security and predictability. Investments like real estate, precious metals, loan secured by real estate, private entities that own real estate, and much more, as well you can invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds all through the IRA or 401(k) at Quest IRA. Truly, self-directed IRAs & 401(k)s allow for the broadest spectrum of investment options and more investment options is always beneficial for the investor. So, the questions American Families should ask themselves are:
• Do I believe in stocks, bonds and mutual funds for retirement or do I believe in real estate, precious metals, oil & gas, and/or loans for retirement or both?
• What investments or assets am I most knowledgeable about?
• Am I knowledgeable about real estate?
• Am I knowledgeable about lending or loans?
• Am I knowledgeable about precious metals?
• Am I knowledgeable about a new business?
• Am I knowledgeable about something else?
If you are knowledgeable about that investment, you can most likely invest your IRA & 401K) dollars into that asset, whatever that may be. At Quest IRA we tell clients to invest in what they know best! Americans should be investing their hard-earned retirement dollars into assets and investments they understand instead of simply investing into things they are less knowledgeable about and hoping that they pay off in the future.
Visit our main site: for more in-depth education about your IRA investment Options.

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