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The IRA Diva interviews Vickey Wachtel of Imagine Realty. Two lovely ladies talking about real estate, investing, and IRAs.

The Roth Conversion has become a powerful tool for Americans and their families. The Ability to convert Tax Deferred Accounts into Tax Free Accounts is something everybody should analyze for themselves. And more importantly, “how do i want to pass this money on to my heirs?” The Roth IRA is the one account that can be passed to ones heirs TAX FREE!!

Self-Directed IRAs give you the freedom to invest in assets you understand and can apply your knowledge to. Recently, SDIRAs have come under a lot of criticism by main stream press. There has been an emphasis on the dangers and risks related to this alternative style of investing. Though it is true that no investment is risk free(including traditional investments), SDIRAs hold unique advantages and social benefits to them. Traditional and alternative assets both face the possibility of losing value due to fraud, Ponzi schemes, unpredictable situations, or just plain bad luck. However, investing in alternative assets allows you to apply you life experiences to your investments. Are you knowledgeable about Real Estate? You could invest in that. Are you knowledgeable about creating Notes? You can invest in that. The real question is:

“What are you comfortable investing in?”

When you have the answer to that question, then the next part is easy. “That’s what you should invest in!”

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